11-year-old girl reported that her iPhone 6 suddenly caught fire

An 11-year-old girl from California reported that her iPhone 6 suddenly caught fire. Kayla held the iPhone in her hands when sparks began to appear from it.

After that, she threw the smartphone on a blanket, where he burned several holes . Then she threw the phone to the other end of the room.

Kayla used the iPhone 6 mainly for watching videos on YouTube and sometimes gave it to younger brothers for games.

Kayla’s mother immediately turned to Apple after the incident. The company told her to take the burned-down iPhone to a service center for Apple to find out the cause of the explosion. Apple will also provide the family with a new iPhone.

Apple usually says that a device may burn out due to the use of an uncertified cable to charge or repair not authorized service centers.

However, this iPhone 6 was charged with the original cable and was never repaired, according to Kayla’s mom. [ 9to5Mac ]

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