Samara artist built a ladder “to nowhere” on the facade of a four-story house

So he wanted to show the problems of people with disabilities.

Photos here and hereafter – from Instagram @vreditel_li

Samara artist Arseniy “Pest Lee?” Published a new performance on Instagram. He sat in a wheelchair at the height of the fourth floor outside an abandoned house and equipped a staircase that leads to “nowhere”.

As the artist noted, 8.5% of Russians or 12.5 million people are people with different disability groups. According to him, they are not on the streets because of the poor arrangement of the city.

The staircase is only the first “step” in a series of urban obstacles. Incorrect ramps ramps, poor quality materials, falling tiles, subways and many other dangers fraught with our environment. It is not customary to pay attention to such problems until it touches a person or his closest associates.

Arseny “Lee’s Pest?”

Arseny used the facade of an abandoned multi-storey building on the outskirts of Samara as a location for filming. The artist is not the first time satisfied with the performance outside the building: before that, he laid there a table to show people “buying housing in anthills.”

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