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In the adaptation of Mortal Kombat will be fatality and the sea of ​​blood

Hollywood is making another attempt to film the popular game franchise Mortal Kombat. The film by Simon McCoyuid will be released in 2021 (if everything goes according to plan), however, some details about the cine restart of the fighting game already appear.

According to Greg Rousseau, who writes the script for “Mortal Kombat”, the film will receive an “adult rating”, which apparently guarantees an abundance of overt violence on the screen. But more interesting is that in the picture for the first time show fatality – especially the spectacular final chords, completing a tense battle

Rousseau didn’t talk about exactly what kind of fatalities in question, but he would most likely give preference to the classics of the Mortal Kombat game series.

At the moment, confirmed only one actor “Mortal Kombat” – Joe Taslim (“Raid”, “Fast and Furious 6”). Simon McQuide and Greg Rousseau, in turn, have not yet made names for themselves in the field of cinema.

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