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VKontakte launched a loyalty program for subscribers of music services

Users will be able to receive free merch from performers and discounts on concert tickets.

The social network VKontakte announced the launch of a loyalty program for subscribers of music services. Subscribers to VKontakte and BOOM will be able to attend private meetings with performers, receive various merchists from artists and buy concert tickets at a discount.

The first event is scheduled for July 20-21 during the VK Fest festival. Users will be able to ride pleasure boats in the waters of the Gulf of Finland. To do this, you will need to demonstrate employee subscription.

Earlier, VKontakte told that it will launch offline payments via VK Pay in test mode on VK Fest. All visitors to the event will be able to pay with its help any purchase. Payment will occur through a QR code, which the owner of the mobile device will be able to show the seller. After scanning, the money will be debited from the account of the buyer. Users will receive a cashback of 20% from each payment.

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