“Vedomosti”: Rospatent refused to register in the territory of Russia trademark augmented reality Apple

Apple refused to register the trademark of augmented reality in Russia

The Office stated that similar signs already exist in Russia, they belong to JSC “Management Company„ Airports of the Regions “” and the Belgian company Layar BV

Rospatent refused to register Apple in Russia of the trademark of AR Augmented Reality technology. This was reported by Vedomosti, citing the decision of the Chamber of Patent Disputes, it was published in late June.

The Office stated that Russia already has similar trademarks: the patented letters AR are owned by JSC “Management Company“ Airports of the Regions ”and the Belgian company Layar BV

Apple was denied registration of this trademark in November 2018, but the company tried to appeal this decision. The American company stated that AR is a common term for augmented reality, on the basis of which the similarity of signs cannot be established.

Rospatent called Apple’s evidence weak because AR is the only verbal element in the Apple sign, and in trademarks similar to it, the service cannot but take into account their similarities.

Layar bv

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