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The US Coast Guard stopped a submarine with 7 tons of cocaine. For this it had to be taken aboard

Video capture, filmed from the first person, went on social networks.

July 11 the US Coast Guard has reported on Twitter about the arrest of drug dealers in the eastern Pacific Ocean. Five smugglers transported more than 7 tons of cocaine on a submarine. South American cartels use submarines to smuggle drugs into the United States: according to CNN, they are building them “deep in the jungle.”

The news of the arrest of the coast service backed up with a video shot from the first person. In the video, the boat of the frontier guards chases the submarine, and then several officers on the move jump from their ship to the surfaced submarine and open the hatch.

The video was sold on social networks and on Reddit : users noted that the actions of the coast guard officers are similar to what they show in action movies. Donald Trump praised the boarding: the President of the United States noted the courage of the staff who jumped over to a submarine in the middle of the ocean.

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