The new design of aircraft seats is designed to solve the problem of “elbow wars”

Nobody likes to fly in the middle seat. If a passenger on the left of the aisle can stretch his legs and walk freely to the toilet, and the passenger on the right by the window has the right to enjoy the bewitching view, then the middle seat in the plane is hell. According to unspoken rules, the average passenger gets both armrests for his suffering, but not everyone is aware of such conventions. And Hank Scott from Molon Labe in Colorado is going to solve this problem.

Scott designed the S1 seats, in which the middle seat is slightly moved back (only 7.6 cm) and lowered by 5 cm. Such a staggered arrangement allows you to increase the width of the seat for the average passenger to 53.3 cm compared to the standard 45.7 cm, writes Wired . Not a business class, of course, but not bad either.

– Flights – sucks. “We’re just trying to make them less lame, ” Scott says.

Scott not only increased the space for the average passenger, but also promises to do away with the silent “wrestling of the elbows”, when the average passenger cannot win back at least the armrests. Scott solved this problem like this: the front half of the armrest is several centimeters higher than the rear, which is closer to the middle passenger. And the elbows on them should not meet. At least in theory, it sounds that way.

The airlines should also be satisfied: the S1 seats weigh less than 9 kg, which is comparable to the lightest Recaro SL3510.

The seats have already been certified by the US Federal Aviation Administration, and, according to Scott, the company already has the first commercial client. In the next year and a half, the company plans to upgrade at least 50 aircraft in the United States. A drop in the sea, but waiting for the first reviews.

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