In the accident truck and unmanned bus found the culprit

The NTSB agency, which is investigating accidents and disasters in the United States, completed the investigation of an accident involving a truck and unmanned minibus with passengers. The accident happened in November 2017 in Las Vegas, the results of the investigation were published the day before. It turned out that the cause of the accident was the lack of operator access to the bus management system.

The computer that was involved in managing the minibus apparently did not take into account the traffic situation. The passengers of the car without a driver (but with the operator) saw that the collision was about to happen, but it was possible to avoid it. True, for this the operator had to pick up a gamepad from the Xbox, closed in the cavity of the vehicle.

The operator could not get to him quickly, so he leaned out of the window and, waving his arms, tried to attract the attention of the truck driver. In vain. Without a controller, the operator could not even signal another machine.

Further, according to the passengers of the bus, everything happened as if in slow motion (the speed of movement was also low) – they could only watch how the computer leads the bus to a collision.

The truck driver saw the approaching minibus, but did not think that he would continue to move and go to the ram.

After the accident, the gamepad was no longer hidden in a place inaccessible to the operator.

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