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Foxconn asked The Verge to “fall behind” the “AI 8K + 5G” ecosystem, which is not associated with AI, 8K resolution, or 5G networks

Journalists pinned up the company for the wording, which means it is not what is commonly understood.

In 2017, Foxconn founder Terry Gou and Governor of Wisconsin Scott Walker (Scott Walker) agreed to build a company plant in the state. Foxconn planned to assemble LCD TVs there, but in 2018 she changed her mind and said that she would develop the ecosystem of “AI 8K + 5G”.

The company did not tell what the project would be like. Foxconn representatives only explained that robots would provide most of the production.

Typically, AI is associated with intelligent functions and neural networks, 8K refers to the resolution of screens, and 5G to a new generation of cellular communication. Therefore, after the announcement of Foxconn, The Verge journalists had questions to vague wording and in the publication began to emphasize its oddity in almost every material about the plant in Wisconsin.

So what is the “AI 8K + 5G ecosystem” from Foxconn? From what I can say – a bunch of empty buildings and a lot of questions.

from The Verge report on building a Foxconn plant in Wisconsin

At least once, journalists used the abbreviation as a comic liner to the news about Huawei 8K TV with 5G and smart assistant. The publication then noted that this “real” AI 8K + 5G “.”

The last time about the Foxconn plant was written on July 10 by the chief editor of The Verge Nilay Patel. In his news, he also mentioned the “AI 8K + 5G ecosystem”, once again reminding that the company never told what these abbreviations really mean.

Apparently, this was the last straw for Foxconn. After the note was published, a company representative sent Patel a letter in which he explained the meaning of the name of the ecosystem and asked to “leave the company alone”.

Nilai, I am sending you an explanation of the name “AI 8K + 5G”, but after that you should leave us alone.

As you can see at 3:32 and 3:51 in our video, AI means a new generation of mobility and self-driving machines, 8k means smart security and security through 8k technology, and 5G means advanced medical technology and cloud for health. .

from the letter to the chief editor of The Verge from Foxconn

The Foxconn letter was a joke on Twitter. Users suggested adding the phrase “Leave us alone” to T-shirts and update the company logo. And one of the commentators even translated the letter into a song.

“New Foxconn logo.”

“New Foxconn Song”


““ 8k means “smart” security and safety through 8k technology ”- it ranks first on the list of the most meaningless offers ever sent by email”

“8k is the name“ KKKKKKKKK ”. It’s simple. [8k] better than fewer letters “K” “

Foxconn wrote a letter to The Verge amid a major scandal with its plant in the United States. In 2017, Governor Scott Walker approved the largest state grant in the history of the state for building a plant in the amount of $ 3 billion. In this case, the state would pay 230 thousand dollars for the workplace, although in the entire history of Wisconsin this amount did not exceed 35 thousand dollars for the place.

In exchange, Foxconn was supposed to invest $ 10 billion and create 13 thousand jobs, but when the project reached implementation, the amount of subsidies rose to $ 4.1 billion. This was due to the overheads that the authorities took over, including tax deductions, building roads and infrastructure for construction, as well as power lines.

Construction site of the Foxconn plant in Wisconsin as of fall 2018 Photo The Verge

Thus, each family in the state would have to pay about $ 1,700 with its taxes for the Foxconn plant. Moreover, for the state, even the initial subsidy was supposed to pay off only in 2043, but with an increase in the amount, the period moved to 2050 or later.

At the beginning of 2019, Foxconn abandoned the idea of ​​building a plant in Wisconsin due to economic inexpediency. At the same time, the company repeated that it would spend 10 billion and create 13 thousand jobs, but did not specify how it will achieve this.

On July 10, the new governor of Wisconsin, Tony Evers , announced that Foxconn would create only 1.5 thousand jobs and start production in May 2020. What exactly the company will do in the USA is still unknown: so far it has hired only a few hundred people and bought up several buildings that are empty .

The setting in one of the buildings bought by Foxconn Photo by The Verge

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