Conversations in the presence of Google Assistant listen and ordinary people-operators

2019 In the spring of the year edition Bloomberg published the results of its own investigation, which reported that training smart Amazon speakers Alexa engaged not only the computer, but also a whole army of people. They listen to users referring to a smart device, thus conducting system training. Other companies adhere to this practice.

Google is no exception: the Belgian news agency VRT NWS has released a story about employees under contract listening records of appeals to artificial intelligence Google Assistant.

It turns out that electronic devices often start recording on their own, and not after the Okay Google team. About 15% of them counted – the journalists listened to about a thousand records, 153 of them were recorded by chance.

One of the listeners said that about a thousand records pass through it a week.

Google noted that 0.2% of all entries go to human operators. In addition, it is impossible to identify the user. But Google’s user agreement doesn’t say that people are listening to records, and that Google Home may accidentally record heart-to-heart conversations.

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