Apple Park is worth $ 4.17 billion. Burj Khalifa is 2.5 times more expensive

Apple Park is one of the most expensive buildings in the world. But its exact value was not previously disclosed.

According to estimates of Santa Clara County in California, Apple’s headquarters cost $ 3.8 billion. Every year, the company pays taxes on it for $ 40 million.

However, if the cost includes all furniture, appliances and even agricultural equipment, the price of Apple Park will be $ 4.17 billion .

Apple is the largest taxpayer in the county. For the fiscal year 2018 alone, the company paid taxes in the amount of $ 56 million. This figure includes tax on Apple Park, the previous headquarters, and various objects scattered throughout the region.

Apple Park was built according to the sketches of Steve Jobs. The design of the building was answered by Joni Ive. [ Appleinsider ]

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