What if your iPhone is on fire. Instructions

A smartphone battery may suddenly catch fire . Roskokachestvo knows about this, so they issued instructions that should help prevent a fire.

If the battery of your smartphone, tablet, laptop or any other device caught fire, Roskachestvo advises to perform these steps:

1. Without touching the gadget, unplug the charger from the outlet. If possible, de-energize the entire room.

2. Block access to the device with the help of available tools. The gadget can be thrown into the water or covered with something that does not burn well.

3. If the reaction has already begun, it is not possible to stop it in the domestic environment. It is necessary to quickly throw the device into a place where an explosion in which will not cause damage.

What item can be used to throw a burning smartphone into the water is not specified. It is also not clear where to put the gadget, being, for example, in an apartment, so that it does not cause damage.

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