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The assault on “Zone 51”: a comic Facebook offer to see aliens gained 275,000 supporters

Prank, who is out of control.

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The famous “Area 51” still attracts a lot of attention due to various conspiracy theories. And Facebook users decided to dispel all secrets in an unusual way: more than 275 thousand people volunteered to storm the American base. And although this is just a comic event, social networks are already worried that someone will take it seriously.

It all started with a small Facebook community with memes called “Shitposting cuz im in shambles”. On June 27, its administrators created a meeting “ We are storming to“ Zone 51 ” They will not be able to stop us all ”, and also marked the date – September 20, 2019.

The reason for the interest in “Zone 51” is simple. So called secret military base in the state of Nevada, which in popular culture is constantly associated with UFOs and newcomers. Allegedly, in the underground laboratories of the complex, the bodies of extraterrestrial creatures are stored, and alien ships are being tested at the test sites.

“Zone 51” in the conspiracy understanding of the object can be found in “The Simpsons”, “Independence Day”, “The X-Files”, “Futurame”, the film of the same name and several games. Rumors appeared due to the fact that the US authorities were extremely reluctant to share information about the base – the CIA officially recognized“Zone 51” only in 2013 in declassified documents. Then it turned out that they were conducting tests of reconnaissance aircraft.

Facebook users jokingly offered to gather at the tourist point associated with the “Zone 51” (in Nevada, many institutions are beaten up with conspiracy theories), and then just “run the crowd.” So, the organizers say, there is a greater chance that someone will survive and see the aliens with their own eyes.

Initially, on the event page, only “Shitposting cuz im in shambles” subscribers were discussing. One of them even proposed an ironic plan of assault on a protected object with the throwing of military stones and “Naruto” fans on the flanks. Later, just in case, he added a postscript for the US government that this is just a joke and the Facebook user is not responsible for those who decide to execute the plan.

Other local memes appeared on the theme of “assault”. Gradually, the number of people who put the mark “Go” for a comic meeting, reached 275 people. a few tens of thousands of people “became interested” in the event. In the discussions, they came to the conclusion that the joke is out of control and someone can really head off to Nevada on September 20.

The defenders of the “Zone 51” – six people who actually came to the meeting

I’m a giant alien dude I picked up from Site 51.

The guards of “Zone 51”, who decided that it was a joke – the readiness of the millennials and the Z generation for death

Storm “Zones 51” – my life

250 thousand people – “Area 51”

The first wave of assault – the protection of “Zone 51”

A bunch of people – September 20 – “Area 51”

All 250 thousand people – a fake spacecraft – I – “Area 51”

By July 8, the discussion of the “assault” came to Reddit. There they began tofantasize whether Facebook users have any chances against the protection of the military base. Although Zone 51 has nothing to do with aliens, it is still a protected object of the US Army.

I know a couple of people who think that this is a real plan. They believe that with enough people they can’t be stopped. Good, but the truth is that they are wrong.

They underestimate the geography of the base. Even if they break through the front or back gate of the first perimeter, they still have to run to the base about 25-40 kilometers. And if you go by transport, you need to overcome two checkpoints with transport hedgehogs. Even if they miraculously pass through all this unscathed, there are several kilometers ahead of them, filled with US soldiers. Let me remind you that on the base there are about three thousand soldiers. Conclusion: the assault will never happen, and he will never succeed.


Judging by the warning signs within the “Zone 51”, the leadership of the base allows the military to use weapons against uninvited guests. But, most likely, the trespassers will simply be fined and expelled from the territory.

The Livescience edition remembered that it had already happened: an SUV with a guide and tourists accidentally drove into the area of ​​the “Zone 51” area. They were then fined $ 650 each, and the driver was also prohibited by the court from carrying out tours in Nevada for several years. Whether it will turn out to embody the idea to users of Facebook (and whether someone will come at all) – will be known on September 20.

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