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Italian swimmer Filippo Magnini saved a drowning man. The athlete got to the injured before the rescuers

In 2018, the athlete was disqualified for doping.

Italian 37-year-old swimmer Filippo Magnini saved a drowning man. According to the New York Times, the incident happened on the beach of Cala Sinzias, in Sardinia.

During the rest swimmer noticed sinking. Magnini rushed to the rescue of a drowning man and first reached him. He kept the man’s head afloat so that he would last until the rescuers arrived.

The BBC interviewer said that the victim was called Andrea Benedetto. Two days earlier, he married and celebrated a wedding with her husband in Sardinia. Newlyweds swam on an inflatable swan, but did not keep their balance and fell into the water. Andrea could not swim to shore due to health problems.

A few hours after the incident, I was in the hospital. There I learned that Filippo Magnini had saved my life. I hope I can thank him personally.

Andrea Benedetto


Filippo Magnini is a two-time world champion in the 100-meter freestyle, a nine-time European champion and a bronze medalist at the Athens Olympic Games. In November 2018, he was disqualified for four years for violating anti-doping rules.

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