iPhone 2020 tipped refusal of the cutout under the camera

First of all, authoritative analyst Min Chi Kuo believes that in at least one of the iPhones of 2020, Apple will try to reduce the cutout at the top of the screen by placing a smaller lens there. Secondly, an analyst at Credit Suisse believes that next year we will see an iPhone without a cutout at all. The manufacturer will try to make the iPhone completely frameless. At the expense of what victims?

By refusing the FaceID system. Instead, in the flagship of 2020, there will be a front camera under the screen and an acoustic fingerprint scanner, which will work on the entire screen plane. And in 2021, all Apple smartphones will lose the cut in the upper part of the screen.

Rumors that Apple, after other manufacturers sells fingerprints directly on the screen, have appeared before. And then, following the example of competitors, it will get rid of the cutout above the screen.

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