Apple disconnected walkie-talkie in smart watches due to a serious vulnerability

Any “most protected” technique becomes not so unapproachable when it is used by many people. Indeed, in this case, attention to the product is shown not only by enthusiastic fans of technology. Last year, Apple introduced the watchOS 5 for smart watches, in which an analogue of Walkie-Talkie was implemented.

With this feature, you can exchange short voice messages both in cellular networks and via Wi-Fi.

On the eve of Apple has disabled it after reports of a discovered vulnerability that allowed eavesdropping on iPhone owners. The company has no evidence that someone has exploited the vulnerability, there is also no information about how it actually works. However, the walkie-talkie is disabled.

The wiretap can be activated “under certain conditions and circumstances,” the report says. The application is deactivated, but you do not need to delete it – when the vulnerability is closed, the application will work again.

Earlier this year, we recall, Apple corrected the work of the FaceTime application, which allowed us to conduct hidden listening. And peeping.

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