Passenger videotaped aircraft sparkling engine

The flight Delta 1425 from Atlanta to Baltimore had a problem in flight : a fragment of one of the engines came off and began to rub against the turbine blades. If he got there, the problem could have become much more serious, but everything worked out, and the passenger managed to shoot a memorable video.

The plane was a 32-year-old MD-88 with an engine in the tail section, with 148 passengers on board. After finding the problem, the ship landed at Raleigh-Durham International Airport (North Carolina).

Passengers said that smoke and the smell of burning metal began to appear in the cabin, the air was getting hot.

According to Popular Mechanics, the MD-88 is the oldest aircraft on major US airlines. His fame is not the best: high noise, outdated control systems, cramped cabin. Delta plans to get rid of MD-88 next year.

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