Huawei wants to buy Russian Elbrus processors

Huawei suddenly became interested in Russian developments. In recent months, the company is negotiating the purchase of technologies that could be used in various devices.To this topic:

Installed the Russian OS “Elbrus”. What is different from Windows and macOS?

So, the Chinese want to acquire the assets of the MCST – developer of Elbrus processors. Their chips can be used in Huawei servers.

The proposal was also received by Norsi-Trans, which develops a system of operational investigative measures (SORM), information security equipment and Yakhont servers based on Elbrus. Companies offered $ 100 million, but she refused the deal.

And while the latter, to whom Huawei has addressed – Basalt is an open source software that has developed the Alt operating system. Huawei wants to use this OS instead of Windows and Linux in its laptops, servers and computers. [ RBC ]

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