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Facebook reduces men and whites in the company

Facebook released an annual report on diversity in the company, which reported a systematic but slow reduction in the percentage of men and whites among employees. The proportion of men fell from 63.7% to 63.1%, and white employees from 46.6% to 44.2%.

The company announced an ambitious plan: in the next five years, half of all Facebook employees will be women, black, Hispanic, Native American, Pacific Islander, people of two or more nationalities, people with disabilities and veterans. To this end, the company intends to double the number of women in its divisions around the world, as well as black and Hispanic in offices in the United States.

In the meantime, women in technical positions in the company occupy 23% of the seats, in the management – 32.6%. In the USA, the racial distribution of employees is as follows: 44.2% of whites, 43% of Asians, 5.2% of Hispanics, 3.8% of blacks. Since 2014, the number of black women in the company has increased 25 times, and black men – 10 times.

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