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CBS: The Pentagon has spent 1.2 million dollars on the air show and the delivery of military equipment on US Independence Day

Activists criticized Trump for using taxpayer money to hold this event.

Military equipment in Washington July 4th Reuters snapshot

The US Department of Defense spent $ 1.2 million to celebrate Independence Day, which was celebrated on July 4 in the United States. This was reported by CBS channel, citing sources at the Pentagon.

The ministry clarified that this amount was spent on the delivery of military equipment to Washington and the Salyut America air parade. The military added that similar amounts were spent on other events: the fleet week in San Francisco cost the Pentagon $ 1.8 million, and the fleet week in Los Angeles $ 1.6 million.

To hold a military parade in Trump planned in 2017. After the US president partially abandoned this idea because of the high cost and fears that the tanks would damage the city streets. Instead, military equipment was brought to Washington and a parade was conducted. The last time the authorities intervened in the celebration of July 4 in 1983.

Trump promised to spend Independence Day in Washington with military equipment. To emphasize the “feature” of the holiday 

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