Astronauts on the Moon Could Bring Extraterrestrial Microbes Home

Astronauts, who first set foot on the moon 50 years ago, could deliver to the Earth upon the return of microbes, they live on the satellite. This is indicated by the astronauts themselves in the PBS Chasing the Moon documentary. Trailer published on site, who received it at their disposal.

NASA was ready to conduct events that would protect earthlings from the penetration of microbes from space to their home planet. The astronauts were dressed in special suits, they were sent to a special chamber for disinfection, and then – in quarantine.

However, as follows from the video, there were a lot of holes in the plan. First, the command module, which was on the Moon, after landing on Earth, opened the hatch, releasing all the hypothetical microbes. The astronaut’s suits, in turn, were wiped with a rag, which then safely went into the water.

However, two of the three astronauts who were the first to fly to the Moon are alive, and Neil Armstrong did not die from the lunar microbes.

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