American graduates painted the schoolyard with swastikas. They are identified by the Wi-Fi network.

Masking did not help when smartphones registered on the network with the real names of schoolchildren connected to it automatically.

Video from the surveillance cameras of the school Glenelg High School

Four students of Glenelg High School in Maryland on the last day of their studies were depicted with a swastika and racist slogans a school building and a courtyard. They were able to identify through the school network WiFi, reports The Washington Post.

In total for the night they managed to put more than a hundred inscriptions. Among other graffiti found inscriptions addressed to a black school principal.

They accused four students of the crime, who were to leave school the next day. The police questioned them during the graduation ceremony. Only one of them admitted guilt.

Tyler Curtiss, Matthew Lipp, Joshua Schaffer and Seth Taylor accused of vandalism photo by Howard County Police Department

To establish the involvement of graduates to vandalism was possible thanks to the school network Wi-Fi. It identifies the identity of each student upon registration. Then their phones connect to the network automatically. Schoolchildren covered their faces with masks, but this did not save them: as soon as their smartphones connected to the network, it was not difficult to identify their personalities.

Pupils were accused not only of vandalism and damage to property, but also of hate crime. At the trial, they claimed that they were not racists, and the swastikas drew by stupidity. All four were sentenced to several weeks in prison, community service and probation.

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