The Germans showed a fully automatic landing system.

Researchers at the Technical University of Munich have published a video of the automatic landing of the light aircraft Diamond DA42. In the video you can see how the aircraft is on the ground in general without the participation of a man who just in case sits in the pilot’s seat.

Usually, large passenger and cargo liners use the course-glide system (ILS) when landing – almost all airports are equipped with it. It involves the installation of additional and expensive equipment, this system “leads” the aircraft at the right rate. But the participation of a person is still necessary: ​​for example, to align the liner. At the same time, the decision of the Germans is completely autonomous, and there is no need to install equipment in front of the strip.

C2Land technology uses GPS and machine vision. Thanks to the infrared cameras for landing the aircraft on C2Land fit any weather conditions. System developers are confident that in the era of flight automation, their product will be in demand.

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