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Instagram announced features to protect users from harassment on the Internet

The social network using artificial intelligence will notify the user before publishing a comment that he may be perceived as offensive.

The function of notifying that a comment may be perceived as offensive.

Instagram announced two new features to protect users from harassment on the Internet: artificial intelligence, revealing offensive comments before publishing them and the ability to hide the statements of unpleasant people. This is reported in the company’s blog.

The social network has already begun to implement the first function, and the second will only begin testing. On Instagram, it was said that early tests of the offending comment feature showed that it prompts some users to stop sending a message and write another.

Hiding sayings of unpleasant people was called a useful function, since it does not notify the second side of the blocking. The social network noted that blocking or complaints against users can exacerbate the conflict, especially if they know the offender in real life. With this function, comments will remain visible only to their authors.

The function to hide comments from a particular user

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