Teaser Windows 1.0 turned out to be a game from Microsoft about “Very strange things.” But in the series, the system did not mention

Looks like the company took advantage of the series to promote the game.

Image from Microsoft Twitter

On July 1, a hint appeared on Twitter for Windows 1.0, the very first version of the well-known OS released in 1985. The company did not specify the details, but installed the logo of the old system on the avatar in your profile on Twitter and Instagram.
“Meet a brand new Windows 1.0 with MS-DOS Executive, Watch and more”

Some media and bloggers have decided that the company will release a new system with the same name or re-issue the old one. For the next eight days, Windows continued to publish entries on Windows 1.0 on social networks, but now it has become obvious that this is exactly the 1985 release system. The company published an advertisement about the old version of the OS and even showed its early logo.

“How much memory was required to run Windows 1.0 in 1985?

“With Excel, Chart and Flight Simulator, it’s not even possible to tell where Microsoft and the power of Windows will lead you this summer.”
“Become a part of the computer revolution and get a copy of Windows 1.0 today!”

July 5 – the day after the premiere of “Very Strange Affairs” – on Windows for the first time, a hint appeared on the connection between the announcement and the series. A clip with Netflix and Microsoft logos and rats in the background was attached to the publication (they play an important role in the third season of the series

“Before we move on, are you sure that you are ready to know where? July 8″

Despite the mention of July 8, immediately after recording Windows in the Microsoft Store, they found the game on the series “Very strange cases”. It was released under the name of Windows 1.11.

The release of the game could be taken as a joint marketing campaign by Netflix and Microsoft. However, for the entire third season of the show, no one uses a computer on Windows and does not even mention Microsoft.

Experience the nostalgia of 1985 with Windows 1.11 – a special version of a PC application inspired by Windows 1.0 and the third season of “Very Weird Things”. Play games, find keys and easter eggs, unlock secrets and unique content of the third season of “Very strange things”, and not only. But beware the Mindheater.
from the description of Windows 1.11 in Microsoft Store

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