We are all in danger to some extent, while each of us has in our pocket, on the table or in our hands devices that can cause serious harm to health, even death.

Since the beginning of the mass distribution of gadgets began reports of explosions and fires of batteries. Battery explosions occur for three reasons: manufacturing defects, overheating, and the banal aging of the device. And if no one is insured from the first one, then the other two risk factors can be avoided by observing the operating rules and recommendations of the Center for Digital Expertise of Roskachestvo.

Not so long ago, Apple warned consumers of the risk of fire from overheating of batteries in some old 15-inch MacBook Pro laptops with Retina displays. Apple advised customers to stop using devices and return the company’s computers to replace the battery.

Perhaps it would not have been so frightening if it were not for the sudden cases of the ignition of the batteries of various devices, after which the injured users were left with burns on the body, requiring medical intervention, and cars and houses would burn. The past few years have not been a month without another such explosion – no one is immune from this. In March 2017, there was a completely blatant incident: onboard the aircraft, wireless headphones caught fire right on the woman’s head.

We are all in danger to some extent, as long as each of us has in our pocket, on the table or in our hands devices that can cause serious harm to health, even death. These devices may become explosive due to carelessness or due to the manufacturer’s negligence. The fact is that they all have the same type of energy carrier – a lithium-ion battery. This type of electric battery differs from other similar energy sources by its versatility, high energy density and simplicity in terms of maintenance. However, for example, due to a sharp temperature drop, the lithium-ion battery begins to produce gas, the battery is “inflated”, and in rare cases it is possible to detect a leak. In addition, any damage or impact may cause the battery to overheat, which inevitably causes an explosion.There will always be people who, despite the prohibition labels written on the batteries and in the accompanying documentation, will disassemble the batteries, remove “interfering” protective circuits from them, or try to improve them, throw them into fire, try, removing protection, charge outside temperature ranges, or unforeseen manufacturers of chargers, embed the “highest-end” batteries into old devices, hoping to increase the device’s durability or the power of the power tool or all kind of scooter. Such cases often lead to fatal consequences and even the most “advanced” developers do not have answers in advance to “what happens if …”, said the Director of the National Association of Current Sources manufacturers “RUSBAT” Scrupulous and prudent work is required to identify the pitfalls that can not only damage your equipment or damage your suit, but also jeopardize your continued existence. ” The general advice that the expert gives is not to perform actions not recommended by the manufacturer.

Dozens of companies are trying to create a new type of battery: to improve its energy consumption, service life and make it safe. In the foreseeable future (within 2–5 years) a new generation of lithium batteries will replace the “traditional” lithium-ion batteries, in which it was possible to combine a sharp increase in specific characteristics (1.5–2 times as compared to the most outstanding traditional power consumption and 10 times in power) with a significant increase in safety, because they can almost completely abandon combustible organic substances, primarily liquid electrolyte. These are the so-called “all solid state” batteries or completely solid-state, in which quality of electrolyte used are certain types of ceramics.What can we do now to prevent the explosion of gadgets that surround us? Roskachestvo makes recommendations for consumers .

  • Use branded chargers or certified power supplies from this company.
  • Do not allow the device to overheat – do not leave it in direct sunlight or under a pillow.
  • During charging, try not to run energy-intensive games and “hard” for the gadget processes, otherwise your device will get double overheating and, as a result, the battery life will be reduced. This rule does not apply to the case when the charge level is already full. The usual use of the gadget on charging also does not threaten the battery.
  • Do not forget that the batteries may explode due to unsuccessful falls, that is why leave the gadget aside if you plan to do active sports.
  • Do not carry the gadget in the back pocket of your clothes, otherwise if you forget about it and sit on a hard surface, there is a risk of the battery exploding from mechanical damage.
  • If your battery is already swollen – in any case, do not use it, because there already occur chemical reactions that can lead to an explosion of the battery.

If it so happened that the battery caught fire before your eyes, it is important to follow a clear sequence of actions:

  •   Without touching the gadget, pull the charger out of the socket, and if possible – de-energize the entire room.
  •   Block access to the device with the help of available tools – throw the gadget into the water or cover it with something that does not burn well.
  •   If the reaction has already begun, it is not possible to stop it at home. It is necessary to quickly throw the device into a place where an explosion in which will not cause damage.
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