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British veterinarians brought the “orange exotic bird.” It turned out that it was a seagull that fell into a vat of curry

The bird is fine, but I had to wash off the spices.

Employees of the British veterinary clinic Tiggywinkles Wildlife shared on Facebook “the strangest case” from their practice. They told how in the beginning of July they brought a strange “orange exotic bird”. She was picked up near the road – because of unknown problems, she could not fly.

When the bird was brought to the clinic, the vets initially did not know what to do with an unknown species. But then they realized that it was not an exotic bird, but an ordinary gull, covered from head to toe with curry seasoning. Because of the spices appeared and orange color, and a characteristic smell.

The bird did not have any injuries – just the seasoning on the feathers prevented it from flying. After water procedures, the gull returned the “real” view. Soon it must be released into the wild.

This is not the first time seagulls fall into a similar situation. In 2016, another clinic told about a bird that fell into a vat of curry. The staff suggested that the seagulls are trying to pull out pieces of chicken.

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