At the airport of Kazan put the robot. Everything he does is waving the flag of Tatarstan

Tatar cyberpunk – he is.
In early July, a roboruku was installed at the Kazan airport, similar to one of the types of standard industrial robots. The device has one task: it is standing against the background of the flag of Tatarstan and waving another flag of Tatarstan, welcoming guests.

For the first time about the robot told in local Telegram-channels. After that, the clip from the airport drew the attention of “Medusa”. “Evening Kazan” noted that the device – the development of a local company “Eidos-Robotics”. A company spokesman Anton Suryaninov confirmed to TJ that this is their robot.

We set up a stand to demonstrate that Tatarstan in general and Kazan in particular is an innovative and interesting location. We are comfortable in the republic, we decided to make it pleasant.

Our robot can perform any industrial operations from welding to machine maintenance.
Anton Suryaninovrepresentative of “Eidos-robotics”

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