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Animated stickers appeared in Telegram – several sets with examples

17 packs – from mint zebra and turkey office worker to Pepe and the symbol of “Digital resistance” Durov.

On July 6, the new version of Telegram added animated stickers. Immediately along with this appeared the first sets: first the official from the messenger command, and then the user sets. Anyone can create an animated sticker pack – all you need to do is to fulfill a number of conditions. Technical requirements appeared on the site Telegram.

Creating Animated StickersTelegram apps support animated stickers as of version 5.9. All artists are welcome to create and … CORE.TELEGRAM.ORG

In the Telegram emphasize: their stickers are displayed at 60 frames per second, they weigh 20-30 kilobytes – much less gifs and even photos. Also, animated stickers consume less smartphone battery than gifs.

While there are not very many sets of animated stickers: some of them copy existing static stickers from the Telegram team, some sets were transferred from VKontakte, where this format has long been available. The third category is user ideas, and in the following days it will only grow.

Resistance Dog

Hot cherry

Fred the pug

Little catto

Melie the cavy

Tidy tie tom

Banana fun


Earl the wolf

The foods

Hamster bernard

Minty zebra

Office Turkey


Suppy rabbit



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