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The US soccer player was accused of insulting a goal against England. She accused critics of sexism

After scoring the ball, the girl depicted that she was drinking a cup of tea. This caused controversy over references to Boston tea drinking and British traditions.

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From June 7 to July 7, the Women’s World Cup is held in France. In the semifinals of the tournament met teams of the United States and England, who played one ticket to the final. But the match was remembered no longer by game moments, but by a gesture after one of the goals that caused a scandal and mutual accusations.

For the first half an hour the teams exchanged goals. But at 31 minutes, US captain Alex Morgan hit his team forward with a header. She celebrated the goal in an atypical way: she portrayed her drinking tea from a small cup. The match ended with the score 2-1 in favor of the Americans.

Alex Morgan – one of the most famous football players in the world with popular social networks. But after the match with England, she received much more messages and comments than usual. The reason is simple: many users felt that the athlete with her “tea” gesture showed disrespect for another nation.

Comment on Morgan’s post: “Your celebration was disgusting and shameful. 
Where is your respect for [rival]? ” 
There are thousands of similar comments on her page.

Your celebration was disrespectful.

That is why people around the world can not stand the United States. Highly disrespectful

Disrespectful! No wonder the rest of the world dislikes americans

Some fans offered the Americans to present their reaction if someone from the England national team would mark the goal with a “eating a burger or a parody of school shooting”. In this case, not all Britons were offended by the act of Morgan – many wrote that they appreciated the gesture.

Wait a moment when England celebrates a goal shooting at school

Alex Morgan mocked the British, taking a sip of tea during the celebration. In response, after a year we must portray the shooting at school

When we win, I hope each of our players will portray the eating of a Big Mac and a big french fries.

The English have two reasons to resent such a goal celebration. The love of tea is one of the stereotypes that is used to mock the people of Britain.

The second reason is more important: the gesture – a reference to the Boston tea. On December 16, 1773, American colonists destroyed a shipment of tea belonging to the English East India Company. This is one of the iconic historical moments that pushed the Americans to the revolution and the formation of the United States. The match of the USA and England took place the day before Independence Day.

At first, Morgan did not say what she put into her gesture. But the media and social networks did everything for her.

New York Post cover

The official account of the US women’s team: “Number 13 on your birthday. In honor of those 13 colonies [who decided to fight for independence from Britain]. It. Tea”

Alex Morgan at the Boston Tea Party. 1773, oil on canvas

The “tea” gesture was criticized by English footballer Lian Sanderson: “You can celebrate as you please, but this is a bit unpleasant for me. I don’t think Morgan was worth doing that. Personally, I do not like tea, but since my country is associated with tea, then I consider its act tasteless. ” Sanderson and Morgan at one point played for one club.

The Forbes columnist also spoke against such a celebration, but warned that the matter did not concern the athlete’s gender: “I think that the gesture by Alex Morgan has crossed the line of decent sporting behavior. The point is in behavior, not in gender. Morgan had to apologize for that. ”

On the other hand, TIME editors called the act of the football player “the ultimate gesture of power.” Also, the American was supported by British actress Sophie Turner (Sansa Stark in “Game of Thrones”). She dedicated the situation to the story on Instagram: “Unfortunately, the British lost at the World Championships. I am very proud of them, as I am proud of the fact that we lost to the class team. Alex Morgan, haters consider [your gesture] disrespect. It’s just that these millennials are sitting at home and drinking kombucha. And I fucking proud of you. Congratulations on your victory and this damn tea party. ”

As a result, Morgan herself spoke about the situation. She stressed that she did not want to hurt any of the British, and the gesture – a reference to the same Sophie Turner. She also saw in the criticism of her act double standards, caused by sexist sentiments in society.

I feel double standards for women in big-time sports. We are required to be modest during success, and if we celebrate, it is not too vigorous or in a limited set of ways.

You see men in competitions around the world: they grab themselves on the genitals during the celebrations or whatever else they do. And I was stunned by the reaction to the fact that I just pretended to drink tea.

Alex Morgan

US Captain

July 7, the United States will play in the final of the World Championship against the Netherlands national team. England took fourth place in the tournament, losing in the match for the “bronze” to female players from Sweden.

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