Japanese karsheringi told about customers who rent cars, but do not go anywhere. They rest and work

Recently, the number of such users is growing.

Parking for carshering Photo Takeo Morita 

Japanese car sharing found customers who rent cars, but do not use them to move. As it turned out, instead, users are working and relaxing in cars. This site was reported by Asahi Shimbun, citing the company Times24 Co. and Orix.

Carsharing services began to check the use of cars after the appeals of several media. Orix checked records about the movements of cars and found that a few percent of users returned cars, “without driving any distance.” The same phenomenon was told in Times 24 Co. – the largest car sharing company in Japan with 1.2 million registered customers.

The services did not understand why the users rented cars, so they decided to conduct a survey. One of the clients said that he rented cars to take a nap or work. Another user said that he used the machine for temporary storage of bags and other personal items.

I rented a car to eat food bought in a small store, because I could not find a place to eat lunch.

one of the survey participants of car sharing companies

Usually the only place where I can take a nap when visiting my clients is the cybercafé near the bus stop. But renting a car costs only a few hundred yen (a few dollars) – almost as much as staying in a cybercafé.

one of the survey participants of car sharing companies

NTT Docomo surveyed 400 customers and found that one out of every eight used cars were not for traveling. The overwhelming majority of such respondents said that they sleep or rest in cars, and also talk to them on the phone with friends, family or clients in business.

As noted in Asahi Shimbun, in 2011 after the earthquake and tsunami in Japan, rented cars were also used to charge smartphones.

In Japan, car sharing services are very popular. One of the companies allows you to rent 12 thousand cars throughout the country. It will cost about 400 yen (235 rubles) for 30 minutes, and the car can be taken for several hours or all day.

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