In Scotland, seals taught to sing the theme of “Star Wars” and other melodies – all for the sake of science

Scientists have studied the voice anatomy of animals.

Researchers from the Scottish Ocean Institute taught seals to hum Star Wars and other tunes. So scientists have tried to study the device vocal anatomy of animals and the features of their communication. The results of the research they publishedin the journal Current Biology.

As researchers have found, seals use the same anatomical sounds to extract as humans, including the vocal cords, larynx, and oral cavity. Scientists have noted that other animals make sounds differently: for example, birds use syrinx instead of larynx, and dolphins – the muscles in the nose.

In addition, the experiment showed that seals are capable of creating sounds outside their “normal” vocal range – just like humans. To verify this, the researchers recorded how seals drink songs, and then changed the timbre of the recordings. The animals were given to listen to the modified version, and they were able to reproduce it.

Researchers taught seals to sing songs and also to reproduce human vowel sounds. According to them, so far no one has studied the vocal abilities of these animals, and their communication system may be more difficult than science had thought before.

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