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10 unusual ways to cope with the Bottle Cap Challenge

For some, a kick with a turn is too difficult, for others it is too easy, for others it is too boring.

Bottle Cap Challenge – so far the most popular flash mob of the summer. Originating in the MMA community, the Challenge quickly reached the world level. It is performed by everyone: ordinary users of social networks, professional athletes, actors, musicians and representatives of brands.

Bottle Cap Challenge: in social networks screw caps with bottles kicked. StateMate and MacGregor join flashmob

Briefly about the essence of the flash mob: initially it was necessary to knock the lid off the bottle with a kick from the turn. Ideally, not only to knock down, but also to screw it up, and also on the video in the effect of “slow-mo”. In just a few days, thousands of videos appeared on all social networks with performance calegudzha. There are already clips from actors Jason Statema and Ryan Reynolds, singers Johnne Mayer and Ellie Goulding, football players Paul Pogba and Zlatan Ibrahimovic.

Over time, the flash mob has evolved – kicks with a reversal have changed other elements. Someone did it, because this technique is too complicated for him, someone because it is too easy. And still others were just looking for a creative way to knock the cap off the bottle.  10 unusual examples.

With eyes closed

Ping Pong Ball


Break dance style

Using weapons

During the drift

Cat paw

With love to memes

In a parallel universe

With a hint

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