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User Inyerface is a website that embodies the worst in modern interface design .

The creators offer to fill the seemingly ordinary online form, but not everyone is destined to go through all the horrors of UI.

At the end of May,  talked about the “Bad UI” contests: Reddit users regularly compete in creating the worst interface designs for sound adjustment, number and password entry. To make a volume slider in the form of a pump to be pumped, to turn the input of a phone number into a pool table is all in the order of things.

The Belgian studio Baggar followed a similar path – it made the User in yer facewebsite , which embodies the worst elements of modern web design. In contrast to Reddit, the studio staff selected a slightly more realistic examples of “poor UI”, but that’s why they were no less painful when executed.

The bottom line is simple. The site is a mini-game where you need to fill out a small online form. But each element is designed to take the user out of himself. Already on the very first screen, where you just need to click on “Okay”, problems arise: all the buttons are located incorrectly, and the desired link is masked. In the future, everything only gets worse: difficulties in entering a password, pop-up windows at the wrong time, CAPTCHA and so on.

Best site describe reviews. “I sent it to four friends, and now I do not have four friends,” writes the editor of The Next Web. “It’s not the site itself that is terrifying, but how close it is to reality,” notes The Verge editor. “This game hurt my soul,” says theauthor of the review on Product Hunt.

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