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S7 airline began testing face recognition system in Domodedovo

While she works in the business lounge in the departure area of ​​domestic flights, where passengers can get without presenting documents.

S7 Airlines launched a face recognition system in test mode at Moscow’s Domodedovo airport. It is created on the basis of the trained neural networks, which allows you to identify the passenger and personalize services. This is reported on the website of the carrier.

According to the S7 press service, the system includes photos of passengers in the database only with their consent. To take part in testing, you need to take a picture at the check-in counters of the airline.

Over time, our passengers will be able to pass from the entrance to the airport building to boarding the plane, without ever getting a boarding pass. This requires joint work with our partners from airports and aviation authorities, but in terms of technology, this is a real future.Pavel VoroninDeputy General Director for Information Technology S7 Group

In S7, it was clarified that the face recognition system allows you to enter the S7 Airlines business lounge without presenting a boarding pass. All information about which passengers are in the lounge and which flights they are registered on, and whether they need to be warned about an early landing, will appear on the screen of the business lounge administrator.

In November, Aeroflot announced plans to introduce biometric control when boarding flights . According to the company, the use of this technology will speed up the process of boarding passengers by about 30%.

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