Roskomnadzor drew up an administrative protocol against Google. The company faces up to 700 thousand rubles a fine

According to the agency, the search engine poorly filters the results of the issuance of banned sites.

Roskomnadzor drew up a protocol on administrative offense against Google. The agency accuses the company of not being sufficiently well removed from the search results of links to information prohibited in Russia.

Google performs selective filtering of search results. More than a third of links from a single registry of prohibited information are stored in the search.

Statement of Roskomnadzor

These results were obtained on the basis of the “control measure” of the department. Google reported their results on May 30th.

In November 2018, Roskomnadzor had already filed an administrative case on Google: the company refused to connect to the banned resources registry (FGIS) and start excluding them from the search results. On December 11, Roskomnadzor fined Google 500 thousand rubles. The deputy head of department, Vadim Subbotin, clarified that Google was fined the minimum possible amount, and the next time the company faces a fine of 700 thousand rubles.

For the sake of more effective filtering of search results, Roskomnadzor can initiate changes in laws, Subbotin explained later.

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