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Photoshoots: Kim Jong-un invites Donald Trump to the DPRK

The historical moment – historical jokes (including those with a Russian flavor).

June 30 was a historic moment: Donald Trump was the first of the presidents of the United States, who came to the territory of North Korea. After inviting Kim Jong Un, he made a symbolic step in the demilitarized zone separating North Korea from South Korea.

The event became quite important for the relations of the two countries, and this act was actively discussed in social networks and the media. Several shots from the meeting of Trump and Kim Jong-un at the border became templates for memes.

My parents, who know that I have never had a girlfriend, and who have found some dancing man in oil on my computer / I explain that Ricardo is not gay

When you enter the arena to the final boss and the cutscene begins

July 3, Trump posted on his Twitter the moment of transition to the DPRK. The President of the United States did not comment on the picture.

But their interpretations were created by Trump’s subscribers. In the comments appeared a few dozen fotozhab, usuallygryvayuschiy event. On some, the DPRK leader invites Trump somewhere, on the other, he is demonstrating something.

On the same day, in Lentach public, they held their photoshop battle based on the picture. Users added to the meeting a bit of Russian flavor, using local scenery and characters.

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