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On the island of Stromboli in Italy began a volcanic eruption. One tourist died

Another one – hurt.

On the island of Stromboli in Italy , a volcanic eruption occurred. In the middle of the day, the tourists heard a sharp explosion, and then they felt a stone hail and saw how the streams of magma and ash burst from the volcano.

As a result of the eruption, one tourist was killed. According to authorities, he climbed to the top of the volcano when a stone fell on his head.

According to the British tourist Fiona Carter, the sounds of the eruption were heard even 27 kilometers from the island. She and other campers also saw a mushroom cloud over Stromboli. Eyewitnesses said that vacationers rushed to the sea at the sight of the ash rising above the volcano.

In the 1950s, Stromboli and other islands in the archipelago filmed a film with Ingrid Bergman. Since then, Stromboli has become a popular holiday destination for celebrities.

In this case, the volcano is considered one of the most active on Earth. It has erupted regularly since 1932, and the previous major eruption occurred in 2009.

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