Nissan engineers have created a “robout” for weed control in rice fields

In theory, the device can replace a whole team of farmers and does not affect the environment.

In his spare time, Nissan engineers created a rice field care robot. It nourishes water with oxygen and prevents the weeds from sprouting without the use of pesticides.

“Robout” while only works in Yamagata Prefecture in test mode. The creators of the project have no plans for its mass production – engineers are studying the effectiveness of the device.

The robot weighs 1.5 kilograms, and its dimensions are comparable to vacuum cleaner. It is equipped with two rotating turbines, which suck in air and lift the sludge from the bottom to block weeds access to the sun. In addition, the device saturates water with oxygen.

Previously , live ducks were used for the same purpose in Japan . They were settled in rice fields, and birds ate pests and harmed weeds, polluting water with excrement.

In the 21st century, this practice was abandoned in favor of pesticides, but they proved to be harmful to the environment. Robot from the engineers Nissan causes minimal impact on nature: the system is equipped with GPS and WiFi, and is charged from the sun.

The need for such robots for Japan has also increased due to the general aging of the population and reduced consumption. When using robotok farmers can reduce staff and save on staff.

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