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Media: Tunisian authorities have banned access to government offices in clothes that completely cover the face

This was done for security reasons after two terrorist attacks that took place in the center of Tunis in late June.

Tunisian Prime Minister Yousef Shahed signed a decree banning the wearing of state-owned clothing in government offices. This was reported by the TV channel Al-Arabiya .

Journalists clarified that a niqab was banned – a Muslim woman’s headdress with a narrow slit for the eyes. Shahed said that he signed the decree “for security reasons.”

A similar ban on wearing clothing that hides a person is in force in France, Belgium, the Netherlands and Switzerland. May 31, 2018 such a ban was adopted in Denmark.

On 27 June , two explosions occurred in Tunisia , the responsibility for which was claimed by the terrorist organization Islamic State. One explosion occurred 100 meters from the French Embassy, ​​the second – in the parking lot of the National Counter-Terrorism Office, they killed one policeman, nine people were injured.

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