Media: Apple will release the iPad folding with a flexible screen and 5G in 2020 year

He will receive a display the size of MacBooks screens, which will be folded in half.

Apple will introduce a folding iPad with a flexible screen and 5G in 2020. So the company wants to respond to the plans of Microsoft to release the Surface tablet with two screens. This was reported by the Chinese newspaper United Daily News, citing IHS Markit researcher Jeff Lin.

The analyst noted that the screen size of the future iPad will be similar to that of the MacBook, but did not specify the laptop model (Apple has 12, 13 and 15-inch versions). In addition, the tablet will receive a mobile processor A-series. Lin noted that the device will have a serious impact on Apple suppliers, because the company will sharply increase the demand for components.

Lin was the first to announce a new 5G iPad with a folding screen. In June, analyst Min-Chi Kuo , a well-known accurate forecast , said that in 2020 Apple would launch iPhones with 5G. At first, only premium versions of devices will receive support for the standard, and in 2021 the entire line of new smartphones.

According to Lin, with the help of the new iPad, Apple intends to compete with the future device from Microsoft with two screens. In June, the media reported that the company began demonstrating a prototype codenamed Centaurus among employees. Journalists believe that Microsoft will present the device within six months.

Concept of another Microsoft device with two screens – Microsoft Courier tablet

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