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Lazy Square: a designer from Moscow creates a cartoon “advertisement” for spoons from a liquid Terminator and work at NASA

The production of short and detailed rollers is just a hobby of the author.

In social networks drew attention to the video of the Russian animator Lazy Square “Terminator two and a half”, in which the liquid antagonist robot turned into spoons. The author runs a YouTube channel with 30-second promotional videos (comic and real) that refer to American pop culture.  spoke with the creator of commercials Alexei Semenov.

Alexey works as a designer, and creating an animation video for him is a hobby. Basically, he makes videos for his Serious About brand , for which he initially began to draw them: “So I wouldn’t remember that I can animate from school. For some reason, I used to do more 3D graphics. ” The animator founded his company together with his wife and now produces designer badges and accessories.

Terminator 2 and a half

The animator noted that he had been influenced by satirical American animation since childhood – “The Simpsons”, “Family Guy”, “Futurama”, “South Park” and almost all Adult Swim projects. “And“ Rick and Morty “turned their minds altogether. And the darker and tougher was the humor, the beloved was the cartoon, ”the author shared, and from the Russian animation he singled out“ Masyanya ”. Favorite artist Alexey named his friend Dima Rebus , who paints in watercolor: “In his works there is an ideal mixture of subtle humor, style, darkness, hyperrealism and surrealism, which I have always envied.”

In the commercials, the influence of American pop culture is noticeable – music, cars, even the local supermarket network WallMart. But most of all, Alexey is inspired by the movies – “Terminator”, “Twilight Zone”, “A Nightmare on Elm Street”. Even the clown from the Serious About logo resembles the monster from It. The author noted that he loves horror.

Christmas story “Santa will not get anywhere”

Alexey said that he likes to make ads and parodies on her. He thought about the creation of his series and full-length films, but he does not plan to deal with them yet: “I like to work all alone in the format of short films”.

NASA Office / Advertising

The animator himself records the voice acting for the commercials, sometimes his wife helps him: “Women, children – higher playback speed, African Americans – lower”. In the video “Terminator 2 and a half” Alexey parodies the voice of Andrei Gavrilov, the famous author of the translation of the film Blood and Concrete. The only exception is the advertisement for the pumpkin badge, for which Alexei entirely took the voice acting from the film

Advertising parody of “Pulp Fiction”

Alexey also came up with the “League of insignificance” – superheroes that help resolve minor unpleasant situations. So far, it consists of only two characters – Tomatoman and Tea Bag. The first one helps to squeeze out the ketchup from an almost empty can, and the second pulls out the tea bags that fell into the mug along with the label.

Tomatoman in action

Tea bag from the League of Insignificance

Alexey’s second most popular video is a 30-second biographical story about his life, which he called “30 years wasted”: “I had no goals since childhood, I didn’t do anything, I didn’t strive for anything, I buried a couple of talents, * * Al a couple of possibilities, drifted along with the flow, like so many others, judging by the comments. ”

30 years of my life in 30 seconds

The last video of the author is a parodic advertisement of a fictional residential complex with high-rise buildings: “The problem of monstrous LCDs concerns almost everyone, and acquaintances, and friends, and me. There is a common misfortune and hopelessness. She did not touch me, but not the fact that I will not find myself in the same position. ” He noted that he plans to create more videos in Russian locations, as his Russian-speaking audience has expanded.

Mortgage in the “Blue Valley”

In the comments of the animator praise for the attention to detail – in the commercials you can find a bunch of references, and the backgrounds are always worked out in detail. Alexey said that it takes up to a month and a half to create a 30-second video depending on employment: “The details – yes, slow down the process, but the devil is in them”.

The animator called the channel Lazy Square, because it reflects the “lazy sketches.” At first, he planned to create fast and primitive videos, but soon became interested in drawing. Alexey does not plan to develop the channel because of his “global laziness”: “I am not engaged in either promotion, promotion or search for clients. I just have to draw something in my free time and put it on a couple of platforms. ” He notes that he will definitely not get tired of it: “So far, the videos will come out, as usual, rarely, but with all my heart and love of details.”

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My last words will be …

Always with you (referring to the “Twilight Zone”)

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Social advertising about dogs (parody of “A Nightmare on Elm Street”)

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