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“Invisible Challenge”: in social networks, dogs are forced to jump over the food film. Those confused

For some dogs, the “invisible wall” turned out to be an insurmountable obstacle, while others chose to break through it without even noticing.

The Australian Shepherd finally managed to fulfill the wish of the mistress and jump over@JoshMalan

At the beginning of July , the Invisible Challenge (“The Invisible Challenge”) spread in social networks – in order to participate in it, the owners of dogs stretch food film in the doorways and make their pets jump over it.

Dogs bump their muzzle into the “invisible wall” and cannot understand what is going on while their owners or mock animals for the sake of likes in social networks, or want to find out how clever their pets are.

He tried

Some dogs are so clever that they immediately understand what’s what. They just break the bad construction, leaving their masters in the cold.

Tried to perform an invisible challenge, but Heidi is too clever


I’m not an architect

She really wanted to go for a walk

Other pets guessed crawled under the obstacle instead of jumping over it.

We have too much free time.

Invisible Challenge did not deceive Lulu

Some users tried to check the challenge on the cats, but they immediately guessed about deception.

Check your cat for invisible challenge

There would be a desire, but there will be a way

The reaction of cats to invisible challenge

Some users reacted negatively to the Challenge – they condemned the owners of dogs for the mistreatment of pets and the waste of plastic, which harms the environment.

Please stop wasting plastic and mistreating your dogs, damn it

People: “Plastic can decompose to 100 years old” / Also people: “Look what I do with food film”

What a contrast … Between those who participate in a month without plastic and those who spend a plastic film on an invisible challenge.

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