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In Alabama, the case against a woman accused of killing a fetus after being wounded in the stomach was stopped

The girl who shot the pregnant woman during the conflict, also do not plan to judge.

Marsha Jones AP Photo

In Alabama , the criminal case against a resident of Pleasant Grove of Marsha Jones, at the end of June 2019, was accused of manslaughter of the fetus. According to the investigation, during the conflict, the woman provoked theassailant to shoot her in the stomach, which led to the loss of the fetus. Therefore, she should be punished under the article with a maximum term of up to 42 years in prison, the police believed.

In Alabama, the fetus has the same rights as a child. Initially, his murder accused Ebony Jamison, who shot Jones in the stomach, but the court acquitted her. Then the police switched to a wounded, lost fruit. “The only real victim in this story is the unborn child,” – commented on the police case.

Ebony Jamison After Detention Photo by Alabama Police

The American public met the news of the arrest of Jones with harsh criticism, demanding her release. A week later, the investigation succumbed. “I decided that it was not in the interests of justice to prosecute Jones on charges of manslaughter, which she was put forward by jurors,” the district attorney Linnis Washington told reporters.

According to The New York Times, this decision happened shortly after people began to constantly call and write to the prosecutor who were dissatisfied with the position of the investigation. It was Washington that became the first black female attorney in Alabama’s history that dealt with the Jones case. At the end of June 2019, when news of her arrest broke up in the media, Washington was relaxing with her husband in the Dominican Republic.

After returning to her homeland, she made a promise to sort things out, called the death of the child “tragedy” and stressed that the defendant would live with this “until the end of her days.” She also complained about the aggressive calls of those who accused her of arresting Jones.

For those of you who called my office, interfered with work, cursed or disrespected, because I was not there [on the day of the arrest of Jones], in fact I was not even in the country, shame and shame on you. I swore to serve. I am a black woman. Do not tell me that I do not appreciate women’s rights.

Linnis washington

Alabama District Attorney

The police have no plans to open a new case against Jones or Jamison, who shot at her. In court, it was already decided that the girl had the right to use a pistol to defend herself against a pregnant woman who was recognized as the assailant.

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