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UK authorities investigate violations of children’s privacy in TikTok

Chinese service faces another fine – now at a rate of about 17 million pounds.

UK authorities have launched an investigation into the activities of the social network with a short video TikTok. The authorities study how the application stores the personal information of young users and whether it takes care of the safety of children in the service. This was reported by The Guardian.

Information Commissioner Elizabeth Denham told a parliamentary committee that the investigation began in February 2019, after the US Federal Trade Commission fined TikTok $ 5.7 million because of a violation of the law to protect children’s privacy on the Internet.

Denham noted that she is concerned about how an open message system allows any adult to write to any child. She noted that TikTok allegedly violates the EU General Data Protection Policy, which requires companies to provide an increased level of child protection in social networks.

If the UK authorities decide that TikTok violates the law, the company may receive a fine of up to 4% of the annual profit, or 17.9 million pounds (about 1 billion 360 thousand rubles).

TikTok, which is owned by the Chinese company Bytedance, has been criticized since 2018 for the insecurity of the application for its main audience, children. In April, the service was briefly banned in India due to the spread of pornography and other prohibited content. In June, BuzzFeed found out that, due to the inability of the service administration to fight pedophiles, the users themselves had to warn others about the intruders.

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