In the third beta version, iOS 13 added eye correction for FaceTime video calls

It creates the feeling that the interlocutor is looking at the camera, and not at the screen.

On the left – a look at the screen through the Camera app, on the right – a look on the screen in FaceTime on iOS 13 beta 3 Photo WSig

In iOS 13 beta 3 for developers, we added the “Attention Correction” feature for video calls to FaceTime. It creates the effect of eye contact – as if the other person is not looking at the screen, but at the camera.

The feature only works on iPhone XS and XS Max and is enabled in the FaceTime settings. Developer Mike Rundle (Mike Rundle) tested the “Attention Correction” and said that it creates a realistic eye contact.

Attention Correction Switch Mike Rundle Screenshot

As explained on Twitter by Dave Schukin, the feature works thanks to ARKit. The system creates a “map” of the user’s face and adjusts the position of his eyes in real time. At the same time, the area around the eyes is slightly deformed, but in order to notice this you need to move some object in front of you.

It is unclear on which devices the function will be available after iOS 13 and whether it will support group calls. Attention Correction is available only in beta for developers.

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