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Earnings on the ridicule of fans: the cosplayer shot innocent videos for PornHub and started selling water from her bath

On social networks, some were outraged by the outrageous acts of Instagram models, while others called her “genius.”

Instagram model Belle Dolphin with “water from a gamer’s bath” @ belle.dephine

At the end of June, 19-year-old Instagram model and cosplayer from the UK Belle Delphine gained popularity in social networks. For a month, she promised to create an account in PornHub, but she did not upload porn there, and then she started selling water from her own bath. In social networks, some admire her entrepreneurial abilities, while others condemn for strange content and profit on subscribers.

Cosplayer model with weird video

Dolphin has been running an account on Instagram since 2015. In August 2016, she launched a YouTube channel, but uploaded only three videos. By 2018, she gained popularity thanks to photos from akhegao (a term used in Japanese porn for facial expressions during sex) and an account in TikTok, which was then also blocked. In addition to cosplay, the blogger is also known for strange rollers, where she breakslaptops or pours a plate of cereal and a griddle with broken eggs on herself .

In March, the model launched an account on Patreon, where it lays out “obscene” pictures for users who pay $ 5 (about 325 rubles) and more. For a thousand dollars (about 65 thousand rubles), she offers a private photoset, and for 2500 – “the level of God.” In February 2019, WillNe, a blogger, bought such a status, talked to Belle via Skype and asked her to make a video in which she shoots her own doll, which she did.

In mid-June, the Dolphin published a photo and video of themselves in the refrigerator with the caption: “What would you do if you found me in your refrigerator?”. Above the picture began to mock in social networks and even turned it into a meme.

There’s a whore in my fridge!

Giant cannonball against the fridge

Prank Innocent Rollers on PornHub

On June 16, Dolphin promised subscribers that it would create an account on PornHub if the publication gained a million likes. Five days later, the post scored about 1.8 million likes. While waiting, Reddit users created porn bingo for the future channel, and on Instagram it was assumed that she would not upload pornographic content.

On June 20, Belle created an official account on PornHub. As expected in social networks, she did not spread porn. Instead, the model loaded 12 non-pornographic clips with provocative titles. For example, in the video “Belle Dolphin playing with her pussy” she strokes a plush cat, and in “Belle Dolphin gets double penetration” she inserts cigarettes into her nostrils.

The rating of cosplayers videos on PornHub is low – about 30%. In the comments, the blogger was accused of “rattling” almost two million people, and told us about their disappointment with references to memes : “We were deceived, we were betrayed, and we, quite possibly, were played.” Users of social networks have also launched anew wave of jokes, playing up Prank Dolphin.

Publish fake and innocent “porn” -rollers (referring to comedian Ryan Cremer, who 
publishes SFW-content on PornHub)

Slut troll virgins / Virgins troll rest 

When you say that you make an account on PornHub after a million likes and post fake videos after two million

Lie, deception

Start of sales “Water from the bath gamers”

On July 1, Dolphin launched the BelleDelphineStore online store with its merch, including mouse pads, posters and “water from a gamer’s bath.” The next day, the model advertised the last product in its instagram and published a video where she bathes in the bathroom and shows the process of “production” of souvenir water. The site notes that the water is not for drinking, but for “sentimental purposes.”

What could I do to surpass my trick with PornHub? Well, if you thought that I would start selling water from my bath, then you were right!

The official PornHub account commented on the video: “Brilliant. How much do you sell your nails? ”On July 2, a Twitter user noticed the“ water from the bath ”Dolphin. In the responses, some considered the product disgusting, others – amusing, and still others could not believe that such people could really sell.

I will order so many jars that he could swim in such water

Noah? Bring a boat

Being a girl in 2019 is like playing on the easy level

Well, this is f ****
Many called Dolphin a genius for what she was able to earn on this.

Lol she’s a genius

If I could sell cans of water from a bath for $ 30, I would not even think

Honestly, I have to support. She makes a living by deceiving excited people, it is even beautiful.

Users also began to joke about what actually happens with water if someone buys it.

Belle: “Please don’t drink my water from the bath” / Gamers: “How about I drink anyway?”

“This water is NOT for drinking and should only be used for sentimental purposes.”

Belle: “Do not drink water, please” / I:

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