Tim Cook called absurd information about the offended designer Apple

The head of Apple took a step that was not characteristic of the company’s managers, personally answering the journalists who published the version about the departure of Johnny Quince. According to The Wall Street Journal and Bloomberg journalists, Apple’s chief designer was offended by Tim Cook – he was allegedly disappointed by the indifference of the company’s general director to its products.

Johnny Ive didn’t like that Apple’s board of directors was filled with people who were not related to the company’s core business, according to a WSJ material. There were other reasons.

However, Tim Cook was outraged by the published words, calling the reasons voiced absurd. He added that the Apple team, which is working on the design of future products of the company, is “stronger than ever” and “phenomenally talented”, and “the projects it is working on will blow up the whole brain”.

The true reasons for leaving Johnie Quince from Apple for free bread apparently only the designer himself and those close to him know.

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