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Taylor Swift launched a media war with the new owner of her old albums. Fans gave him a boycott

The music industry was divided: some supported the singer, others accused her of lying and harassing the copyright holder.

Taylor Swift launched a media war with the new owner of her old albums. Fans gave him a boycott
Taylor Swift at the iHeartRadio Music Awards Award in 2019 Getty Photo 

Singer Taylor Swift called the sale of her former label “manipulative” and accused both sides of the deal of controlling her work. Under the contract, the rights to all the released albums of the singer were transferred to the music manager Scooter Brown, with whom the performer had animosities.

The participants in the deal accused Swift of lying, Brown’s clients supported their manager, and the singer’s fans launched a tag to support her. Previously, the singer was able to influence the music industry – after her blog post, Apple Music changed the royalty payment policy to musicians. Although now she does not have legal grounds to challenge the sale of rights to her albums, it is possible that the singer will be able to create another precedent.

Swift accused the new copyright holder of persecution, and the old – in the betrayal

On June 30, Ithaca Holdings, the media magnate of Scooter Brown, bought for $ 300 million the label Big Machine Records, on which Taylor Swift released the first six albums. The singer left him in November 2018 and subscribed to the Universal Music Group, where her seventh LP will be released in August.

Ithaca owns the company SB Project, providing management services to Justin Bieber and Ariana Grande. Brown’s clients also include Demi Lovato, Carly Rae Jepsen, and longtime enemy Swift Kanye West.

After the transaction, the rights to master copies (a copy of the recording that serves as a reference model for replication) of the six Swift albums were transferred to Brown’s label, with which the performer had a tense relationship. In her blog on Tumblr, she said that she had learned about the transfer of rights to her recordings from the media, and complained about the harassment from Brown.

I found out that Scooter Brown bought my master copies. All I can think about is manipulation and harassment, which I have been subjected to for several years.

For example, when Kim Kardashian organized a leak of an illegally recorded telephone conversation, and then two of Scooter’s clients mocked me on the net. Or when his client, Kanye West, made a “pornomest” in his clip, depicting my naked body.

Now Scooter stole a part of my work and did not give me the opportunity to buy it. My musical heritage was in the hands of a man who tried to destroy it.

Taylor Swift singer

Swift is referring to the scandal around the Kanye’s Famous clip , which was released in early July 2016. In it, the singer’s naked wax figure lay in bed among other celebrities, and there is a line in the text : “It seems that Taylor and I could still have sex. Why? I made this bitch famous. ” This is a reference to the MTV Video Music Awards awards ceremony in 2009, when West, during the awards ceremony, Swift snatched the microphone from her and said that the best video was taken by Beyoncé.

In February 2016, West’s wife, Kim Kardashian, posted a fragment of a telephone conversation with Swift, in which the singer allegedly approved the lyrics of the song “Famous”, as well as her subsequent appearance in the video. Taylor representatives said that she never gave her consent.

By “two customers of the Scooter”, who mocked Swift, means West and Justin Bieber. In August 2016, the latter posted a screenshot from a FaceTime conversation with Kanye and Brown with the signature “how are you, Taylor Swift”.

In his publication, Swift also mentions former owner of Big Machine Records, Scott Borchetta (Scott Borchetta) and accuses him of betrayal. The singer noted that she was trying to get back the rights to her music, but the label suggested that she should come back and “earn” the album at a time – one old for each new one. After that, Taylor went to Universal.

This is the worst case scenario. This happens when you sign a deal at 15 with someone for whom the notion of loyalty is just another condition of the contract. And when this person says that “music has value,” he means that this value belongs to people who did not participate in its creation.

When I left my master copies with Scott, I accepted the fact that he would ever sell them. But even in the worst nightmare, I could not imagine that they would buy a Scooter. He knew what he was doing. They both knew. This is a story about the control of a woman who wants nothing to do with them. Life. 

Eternal.Taylor Swift singer

Swift has sold over 40 million copies of albums and released over 40 platinum singles on Big Machine. Taylor’s music sales and streams accounted for 35% of the label’s profit in 2018.

The music industry is divided into two camps – defenders and opponents of Taylor

On the day of publication, Swift Borkett responded to the allegations of a former colleague on his blog and said that in 2018 he offered her to get the rights to previous entries in exchange for a new contract with Big Machine. The label offered her a contract for 10 years – instead of a standard agreement in the industry for a certain number of albums – after she proposed a deal for 7 years.

Taylor had every chance not only to get her master copies, but also every video, photo and in general everything related to her career. She decided to leave.

Scott Borkett

former owner of the label Big Machine Records

Borketta also added that Swift notified the sale of the label the day before the deal – June 29th. According to rumors, he owned 60% of Big Machine. After the transaction, he will take a seat on the board of directors of Ithaca and remain president of the former label.

Scooter Brown himself did not make an official statement, but his wife Yael Cohen Braun wrote in her instagram that Swift was lying: allegedly she had the opportunity to redeem the master copy, and she was informed about the deal in advance. Brown’s wife noted that her husband cannot control all of his clients. She also believes that the spouse is not to blame for the fact that Kadrashian “caught Taylor in a lie.”

On July 1, Justin Bieber apologized on Instagram for his “abusive” publication three years ago, which Swift spoke of, adding that “Brown was nothing to do with.” After the actor accused the singer of harassing Brown and said that it was not fair to put up a conflict on the social network and “incite the fans on Scooter”. In the end, he offered to “meet everyone and discuss the problem personally.” Demi Lovato, another Brown client, also stood up for the manager and asked him to stop “poisoning” him. Brown himself began to repost the publications of those who supported him.

But there were also Swift supporters. Singer Halsey supported the singer on Twitter: “As an artist, you are respected, but as the author – they just trampled on you.” Brown’s former client and friend Taylor, who participated in the filming of her clips, Toddrick Hall, said he wasn’t surprised by the news: “He’s an evil person who’s only concerned about his own wealth and feeding the disgusting ego” and called Scooter homophobic. Rapps Iggy Azalia noted that talking to the artist about the deal in a couple of days means that everything has already been decided: “She didn’t have the opportunity to get her job back”.

“We stand a mountain behind Taylor”

Fans Swift launched on Twitter the #WeStandWithTaylor tag in support of the singer and the petition on demanding that the singer’s discography be re-released on another label. Celebrities like Katy Perry and Troy Sivan allegedly subscribe to her, but failed to check whether these were their accounts.

“Men who manipulate women for profit, and then shame them for a” violent reaction, can go fuck, thank you. “

Before attacking Taylor Swift, remember that Scooter Brown reposted it to its story: “When your friend bought Taylor Swift”

Toxic guys create toxic garbage in this toxic industry.

Fans Swift also note that celebrities unsubscribe massively from Brown. In The New York Times reported that this is true. The publication noted that celebrities subscribe or unsubscribe to show which side they stand on without issuing an official press release.

If the deal between Big Machine and Ithaca is legitimate, then Swift does not have any legal reasons to dispute the sale of rights to the music. In social networks they suggested that the singer can only re-record all the albums – then the fans will start listening to the tracks recorded on the new label, which will devalue the master copies belonging to Ithaca. Judging by the influence and size of the Taylor audience, there is a high chance that it will at least greatly harm the reputation of Ithaca and Scooter Brown – which is equal to the “wolf ticket” in the music industry.

Winner of more than 200 music awards, including ten Grammy figurines, Swift is not the first time publicly expressing her dissatisfaction. In addition to long-term hostility with West, she also stated that she would not cooperate with Spotify and Apple Music because they unfairly underestimate payments to musicians. After her complaints, Apple began paying royalties for streams during the free period. Her music is available on both services, and Taylor even appeared in advertising for Apple Music.

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