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Photoshoots: Starfish, similar to Patrick turned from the back of the “SpongeBob”

The find in the Pacific Aquarium inspired dozens of photoshop fans.

In early July, a Twitter user named @Babyshoujo went with her family on an excursion to the Pacific Aquarium (California). There, the girl drew attention to an unusual starfish, which stuck to a piece of stone.

Because of the invertebrate posture on his body appeared a bend that resembles an ass. And the color of the starfish only strengthened the association with Patrick, the character in the cartoon Sponge Bob Square Pants. The girl took a photo and signed: “I saw a big ass starfish in an aquarium today.”

Tweet quickly became viral, and the picture was sold on social networks. On the same day, he got into the photoshop battles section on Reddit. There, users in dozens of variations beat the assumption that the starfish in the aquarium is actually Patrick.

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